RxQ has such a large spectrum of antioxidant pathways because it is a formulation complex of:

The little parts that get put together to make a running machine

Known natural, safe and effective compounds having proven antioxidant activity

Functional Antioxidants
These are GRAS and well known natural and botanical derived compounds of long historical use in other health areas other than “antioxidant function” . It’s much like teaching an old dog new tricks. Just as Loniten (Minoxidil) started out as a blood pressure medication, the “side effects” of hair growth were put to good use as “Rogaine” promoting stabilization of hair loss and regrowth of some of what was previously lost. The same for Sildenifil (Viagra). It also started out as a blood pressure pill with the thought in mind that by dilating arteries the general blood pressure would go down. This is true. However the surprise was that some arteries dilated better than others.

The same is true in the natural and botanical arena. Compounds both man made and natural can wear a number of hats. Botanicals used for centuries to offset menopausal symptoms and other associated body changes have been found to be lifesaving in circumstances of lethal oxidative stress from gamma radiation if taken before exposure. Others long used centuries before Viagra for erectile dysfunction have been found to enhance working memory and reduce reaction times making brains that were middle aged and older function almost at par with young brains.

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